This paper presents an overview of a joint industry project carried out in the period 2001 – 2003 to address the Fatigue Capacity of FPSOs. Numerical investigations and fatigue testing is performed in order to improve the accuracy, robustness and efficiency of finite element modeling and hot spot stress evaluation for typical FPSO details. Design criteria will be developed for fatigue crack growth from the root of fillet welds in typical details in FPSOs including fillet welds around attachments and fillet welds around pipes penetrating deck plates. Fatigue analysis methods for FPSOs with guidelines on determination of side pressures in the water line will be developed. This work will be supported by assessment of actual measurement data from the field and testing in a tank. Methods for planning in-service inspection of FPSOs based on a fracture mechanics and reliability analysis will be developed. Also a procedure for repair of a fatigue crack while the FPSO is on station in the field will be developed.

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