WACSIS (Wave Crest Sensor Inter-comparison Study) is a Joint Industrial Project (JIP). Many different types of instruments were attached to a steel jacket platform that located in 18 m deep water and about 9 km from the Dutch coast to measure ocean waves during this project. The sensors for measuring wave elevation include Marex and SAAB Radars, a Baylor wave staff, an EMI Laser, a Vlissingen and Marine 300 step gauges. A S4ADW current meter was deployed at 10m below the MWL to measure pressure and particle velocities. In addition, a Directional Waverider Buoy was deployed nearby the platform to provide the information of wave directionality. The Directional Hybrid Wave Model (DHWM) was recently developed to deterministically decompose and predict a directional wave field. By the DHWM, the wave properties nearby the platform can be deterministically predicted based on at least three wave measurements. If the prediction location happens to be same as other instruments whose measurements have not been used for the prediction, then the comparison between the prediction and the measurement by this instrument may reveal the consistency and suitability of this instrument. Several such kind of comparisons are given in this study, indicating the DHWM is valuable to the analysis of field wave measurements.

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