PEMEX Gas (PGPB) operates a pipeline network of more than 11,000 kilometres that includes natural gas and LPG throughout Mexico and has implemented a risk management program that has been successfully used over the past two years, applying risk assessment software tools to assist its risk management stage. During the past four years PGPB has significantly reduced their pipeline incident rate and have thus lessened their costs in terms of reduced business interruption, environmental and property damages, and safety to the public and PGPB employees. On the same basis, PGPB has increased their pipeline informational databases as they relate to operations, maintenance, construction, and design for their pipeline systems. This approach provides a quantitative means to balance the cost to preserve the pipeline assets against the added value measured in terms of pipeline risk reduction measured in terms of cost of risk. Furthermore, provides information that can be use to make value-based maintenance or operating decisions to promote continued long-term safe operation in a setting that evaluates risk reduction in terms of business interruption, environmental and property damage, and public and employee safety.

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