This paper deals with the elastic response behavior of marine tunnel structures with tension legs in regular and irregular waves. Firstly, a simplified estimation method for dynamic responses under regular wave conditions is analytically presemed using a simple beam on an elastic foundation. Then, in order to demonstrate the validity of above results, experimental studies are carried out for a marine tunnel structure model with tension legs under wave-induced loads. Next, a simplified estimation method is presented for the elastic response behavior under irregular wave conditions by using above analytical results and combining irregular sea wave spectra. Then, the limit state failure mode of the main structure is presented for estimating the reliability level for cracking failure under extreme wave loads. Finally, the applicability of the methods is investigated through numerical examples carried out for a 1,000m-class marine tunnel structure with tension legs under some irregular sea state conditions. And characteristics of the short-term responses and reliability levels for the cracking failure are numerically shown.

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