Generally, jack-up structures are used for production drilling and exploration of hydrocarbons. The combination of mobility and the behavior as a fixed structure in operational conditions has made it an important structure in the offshore industry over the last 40 years. When a jack-up structure has been in operation for a great part of its original design-life and intention is there to extend the usage of this structure at a specific location, an investigation on fatigue degradation of the structure is an essential factor that has to be carried out before taking any decision. Fatigue is the process of damage accumulation in material due to stress fluctuation caused by variation of loads in service time. The fatigue failure occurs when accumulated damage has exceeded a critical level. In this paper, the remaining fatigue capacity of the jack-up structure is considered as an indicator for adequate use of the structure. It can be specified based on the difference between design-fatigue and fatigue experienced by the structure. The design-fatigue can be determined based on fluctuation of loads during the lifetime of the structure and experienced fatigue is specified by the load conditions, which the structure has experienced during its service time. When the information on the load conditions which the structure has experienced in its service time is available or known precisely, determination of the remaining fatigue capacity could be carried out by using the Palmgren–Miner’s rule. In practice, uncertainties are present in loads and characteristics of material. Hence it will be reasonable to determine the remaining fatigue reliability of the structure by the reliability methods. In this paper, based on a crack propagation approach and achieved information from inspection, it is shown that the remaining fatigue reliability of jack-up structures could be determined and updated by using a Bayesian procedure in the duration of the service time.

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