The objective of this paper is to study different analysis methodologies for the design of floating production systems. The main issues are the use of uncoupled and coupled analysis methods, and the integration in the analysis and design of the mooring system and the risers. This paper is a companion to another paper also presented in the OMAE2002 Conference [1]. That paper describes a “basic” classic, uncoupled methodology, and comments on some refinements in the representation of the behavior of the lines in the motion analysis of the vessel. Comments regarding the introduction of some level of integration between mooring line and riser behavior are also presented in the companion paper [1], and these issues are illustrated with studies applying some of the considered design methodologies to the P-18 semi-submersible platform in Campos basin. The present paper proceeds describing some hybrid methodologies that combine coupled and uncoupled analysis tools, and illustrates their application to a DICAS system for deepwater applications in Campos basin.

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