Real sea waves are multidirectional, but most of researches are focused on the unidirectional wave. Special to the numerical wave basin based on OpenFOAM to simulate the propagation of multidirectional random wave and its interaction with structure has the insufficient of large amount of calculation, to overcome this problem, a one-way coupling model is established based on the potential theory and OpenFOAM wave basin, and the amount of calculation is reduced and the computational efficiency is improved. Base on the coupling model, the multidirectional random waves and its interaction with a large-scale offshore wind turbine foundation are simulated. In the outer domain, the multidirectional random wave is generated by the potential theory quickly. The interaction of multidirectional waves with the offshore wind turbine foundation is simulated in the inner domain by solving the Navier-Stokes equation. The result shows that the wave directionality has a significant effect on the interaction of multidirectional irregular waves with cylinder.

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