The goal of the new Wind Energy with Integrated Servo-control (WEIS) toolset under development is to provide the offshore wind industry and research communities with an open-source, user-friendly, flexible tool to enable true controls co-design (CCD) of the physical design of a floating offshore wind turbine together with the controller. WEIS will use a multifidelity library of models built on the foundations of WISDEM® and OpenFAST formerly known as FAST). This paper presents the WEIS development plan, including the functional requirements of WEIS (including improvements to WISDEM and OpenFAST) together with associated rationale for their establishment and a qualitative description of the modeling approaches that will be implemented to address these functional requirements. The development of WEIS is a project under the Aerodynamic Turbines Lighter and Afloat with Nautical Technologies and Integrated Servo-control program funded by the U.S. Department of Energy Advanced Research Projects Agency – Energy.

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