As part of the process of deploying new floating offshore wind turbines, scale model testing is carried out to de-risk and verify the design of novel foundation concepts. This paper describes the testing of a 1:43 Froude-scaled model of the TetraSpar Demo floating wind turbine prototype that shall be installed at the Metcentre test facility, Norway. The TetraSpar floating foundation concept consists of a floater tetrahedral structure comprising of braces connected together through pinned connections, and a triangular keel structure suspended below the floater by six suspension lines. A description of the experimental setup and program at the Alfond W2 Ocean Engineering Lab at University of Maine is given. The objective of the test campaign was to validate the initial design, and contribute to the development of the final demonstrator design and numerical models. The nonlinear hydrodynamic characteristics of the design are illustrated experimentally and the keel suspension system is shown to satisfy design criteria.

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