Presented here is a low specific mass, free-floating, open ocean, wind energy concept with nominal power capacity to 40 MW, on-board liquid fuels generation, and with operational and survival wave heights to 12 and 40 meters respectively. The estimated specific structural mass of 42 kG/kWp is about 1/3 of the specific mass of much smaller land-based turbines, and less than 6% of the specific structural mass of existing off-shore floating wind turbines. The turbine platform may be operated un-tethered in the open ocean using about 8% of the generated power, on average, for active station keeping. The generated energy may be stored on board via hydrogen electrolysis and liquification for periodic tanker unloading. Reduction of moment loads in the blades and nacelle support structure as well as the unique deep-water foundation result in the low specific mass and high stability.

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