In today’s world, the advent of bigger and higher building structures has pushed the limits of engineered lifts. A single heavy payload is preferable to many small loads. This practice cuts down on lead time, infrastructure and manpower to finish the job. This is where high-performance synthetic rope solutions are needed. Light weight yet high-strength fiber provides faster and safer rigging. These lifting operations require rigorous design and analysis to determine the ideal application parameters for the lift planning process... Simply, it can be a headache. Samson engineers, backed by historical big data and testing capabilities, have managed to simplify the process of finding the right sling in the most efficient way. Using proprietary technology, the time of choosing any rope size from available inventory to build that hi-capacity sling has come. The system is built to offer multiple options through its smart multi-loop sling configurator. Current capability includes building slings with rope ranging in size from 16 to 168mm, to a maximum number of 8 loops — which translates to the possibility of reaching up to 4,000mT maximum break strength on a short length of 3 meters. Smaller bend radius ratio is also possible because the system interacts with individual ropes, while working as a system. The use of a mechanical splice also allows for tighter length tolerances. Having this breakthrough at the tip of your fingers will set you apart.

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