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Proceedings Volume Cover
ASME 2021 3rd International Offshore Wind Technical Conference
February 16–17, 2021
Virtual, Online
Conference Sponsors:
  • Ocean, Offshore and Arctic Engineering Division
ASME 2021 3rd International Offshore Wind Technical Conference

Front Matter

OMAE 2021; V001T00A001doi:

Scientific Track


OMAE 2021; V001T01A001doi:
OMAE 2021; V001T01A002doi:
OMAE 2021; V001T01A003doi:

Aero-Hydro Modeling

OMAE 2021; V001T01A004doi:
OMAE 2021; V001T01A005doi:
OMAE 2021; V001T01A006doi:
OMAE 2021; V001T01A007doi:
OMAE 2021; V001T01A008doi:
OMAE 2021; V001T01A009doi:
OMAE 2021; V001T01A010doi:
OMAE 2021; V001T01A011doi:

Floating Concepts

OMAE 2021; V001T01A012doi:
OMAE 2021; V001T01A013doi:
OMAE 2021; V001T01A014doi:


OMAE 2021; V001T01A015doi:

Mooring and Foundation Design

OMAE 2021; V001T01A016doi:
OMAE 2021; V001T01A017doi:

Offshore Wind Turbine Drivetrains

OMAE 2021; V001T01A018doi:
OMAE 2021; V001T01A019doi:

Structural Analysis

OMAE 2021; V001T01A020doi:
OMAE 2021; V001T01A021doi:
OMAE 2021; V001T01A022doi:

Project Development Track

Design and Operational Challenges

OMAE 2021; V001T02A001doi:
OMAE 2021; V001T02A002doi:


OMAE 2021; V001T02A003doi:
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