In recent years, a new paradigm of nanobiomedical devices combining miniaturization and integration has been exploited in areas such as combinational chemistry, biotechnology, engineering, proteomics and clinical diagnostics. One of the critical issues in the development of nanobiomedical system is how to differentiate signal-to-noise ratio per very small amount of signal. Biocompatible integrated nanopattern requires the fabrication of appropriately designed nanomatrix for high sensitivity homogenous assays, which are capable of ultimately mimic the physiological environment. We reported the nanomatrix geometry of a well-oriented nanowell array derived from nanofabrication technology which can easily be employed for digital detection with a high S/N ratio, miniaturization, integrated assays and single molecule analysis. In this present, we describe a nano(submicro) array of tethered lipid bilayer raft membranes comprising a biosensing platform.

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