One of the most important biological components is lipid nanobio membrane. The lipid membranes of alive cells and their mechanical properties play an important role in biophysical investigations. Some proteins affect the shape and properties of the nanobio membrane while interacting with it. In this study a multiscale approach is experienced: first a 100ns all atom (fine-grained) molecular dynamics simulation is done to investigate the binding of CTX A3, a protein from snake venom, to a phosphatidylcholine lipid bilayer, second, a 5 micro seconds coarse-grained molecular dynamics simulation is carried out to compute the pressure tensor, lateral pressure, surface tension, and first moment of lateral pressure. Our simulations reveal that the insertion of CTX A3 into one monolayer results in an asymmetrical change in the lateral pressure and distribution of surface tension of the individual bilayer leaflets. The relative variation in the surface tension of the two monolayers as a result of a change in the contribution of the various intermolecular forces may be expressed morphologically and lead to deformation of the lipid membrane.

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