The coupled panel cavity system composed of an acoustic space and a wall surface is a reasonable representation of many engineering applications. A good understanding of the structural-acoustic interaction between the structural vibration and sound pressure response inside the cavity is of critical importance to, for instance, the control of sound fields in car compartments, airplane and ship cabins, etc. Motivated by above, an investigation on the structural-acoustic responses of a coupled panel cavity system is presented. A rectangular acoustic cavity bounded by a flexible panel with elastically restrained edges is examined. In this paper, for the so called “mid-frequency” problem, a hybrid deterministic and statistic approach is employed to overcome the defects in application of pure deterministic or statistical methods. Then the vibration and interior sound pressure response analysis for the panel-cavity system are conducted using this method under external normal concentrated force acting at the flexible plate. Finally, comparisons between the numerical and test results are presented and the relevant frequency ranges for which the hybrid deterministic and statistical approaches work in are discussed for the given structure.

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