The risk of noise-induced hearing loss has been increased for young generations. Several studies pointed out that one reason is listening to digital audio players with a sound pressure level that leads to damage to hearing. This study conducted a questionnaire on 209 high school and university students living in Tokyo about their current situation regarding noise-induced hearing loss. The questionnaire includes the frequency of earphones/headphones usage, noise exposure, self-reported hearing conditions and hearing-related lifestyle. This study also measured A-weighted equivalent sound pressure levels of digital audio players that the students have with normal playback volume. The results showed that more than 90% of the subjects use earphones/headphones, and about 50% use them daily. 58% of the subjects use them while commuting, meaning that they listen to music in noisy trains and buses. 16% of the subjects reported that they have experienced hearing problems such as tinnitus symptoms and listening difficulties, but none of them have sought medical advice. The measured sound pressure level varied from 40 to 90 dBA, and 15% of the data was over 80 dBA. The results show the need for showing young people the importance of hearing protection and prevention of noise-induced hearing loss.

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