The utilization of guided waves generated and sensed by an array of phased sensors allows steering the wave-front in a specific direction (beamforming technique). In this work a linear array of sensors is used to generate an ultrasonic wavefront steered in a specific direction. Numerical simulations are carried out with the LS-DYNA, an explicit Finite Element (FE) code, on a CFRP plate. The damage to be identified is a delamination produced by an impact (BVID). The array of sensors consists of a number of disk-shaped piezo patches. From the echo reflected and returning back to the array, it’s possible to evaluate the time of flight of the signal (TOF) from which the distance of the damage from the sensors array can be determined, and the angular position of the crack by evaluating the time shift of the signal received by each sensor in the array. The experimental tests are carried out in a 0.5m × 0.5m ×2.2 mm CFRP plate with the same sensor array and delamination used in the simulation. A number of receivers located along the panel edges have been also used to detect the damage direction in pitch-catch mode.

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