FIR filter for a adaptive filter algorithm, is mostly used for an active noise control system. However, FIR filter needs to have more large size of the filter length than it of IIR filter. Therefore, the control system using FIR adaptive filter has slow calculation time. In the active noise control system of the short duct, the reference signal can be affected by the output signal, so IIR filter for ARMA system can be more suitable for the active noise control of the short duct than FIR filter for MA system. In this paper, the recursive LMS filter, which is adaptive IIR filter, is applicated for the active noise control inside the short duct. For faster convergence and more accurate control, a variable step size algorithm is introduced for this recursive LMS filter (R-VSSLMS filter). Using this algorithm and considering the secondary path, the filtered-u R-VSSLMS is conducted successfully on the real experiment in the short duct. The performance of the active control using the filtered-u R-VSSLMS filter, is compared with the performance of the active control using a filtered-x LMS filter.

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