Although the Energy from Waste (EfW) industry has made dramatic improvements in reducing dioxin emissions over the last two decades, the presence of any dioxins in the stack gases from EfW plants continues to be a negative to the acceptance and growth of the EfW industry in the United States. Covanta Energy owns and operates 40 EfW facilities in the U.S. with average dioxin emissions 10 times below the EPA MACT standard of 30 ng/dscm. This emission standard is expected to be reduced in the coming years as the EPA implements new MACT standards. Covanta has taken the position of being in the forefront of the legislation and has an ongoing commitment to continuously lower the emissions of existing plants below regulatory requirements. This commitment has led Covanta to team with CRI Catalyst Company (CRI) to evaluate the application of CRI’s dedioxin technology (SDDS®) in Covanta’s EfW plants.

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