Siemens Environmental Systems & Services (SESS), formerly Wheelabrator Air Pollution Control (WAPC) started up their first SDA on a Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) incinerator in 1987, and now have 50 operating at Waste to Energy (WTE) plants alone. We were pioneers in the development of semi-dry scrubbing technology and are continuously improving it. While Spray Dryer Absorber (SDA) / Fabric Filter (FF) technology is not new, it is still a viable option for multi-pollutant control from many processes including Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) incinerators. It has been the Best Available Control Technology for this industry during the last 25 years. High performance and reliability have been experienced at these facilities across the United States. The simple, proven design of the SDA/FF system has been shown to be effective in acid gas, particulate, heavy metals, and dioxin/furan control. Technology advancements make this technology even more attractive. This paper will provide an update on SDA/FF technology for controlling emissions from MSW incinerators, particularly in relation to performance enhancements, including advancements in SDA dual fluid nozzles and Fabric Filter design. The new generation SESS Fabric Filter enhances system performance by providing lower emissions, lower compressed air consumption, and longer bag life.

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