Mid 2007 the Amsterdam Waste and Energy Company (AEB) commenced initial operations of their new Waste Fired Power Plant© (WFPP). The unit processes 530,000 metric tons of unsorted municipal solid waste producing electricity with a net efficiency of 30%. (Picture 1)The major contributor to the efficiency increase from the conventional 22% to 30% is a new and patented technology, whereby steam from the high pressure turbine is reheated by steam, rather than flue gas, before entering the low pressure turbine. The WFPP facility has operated successfully throughout 2008 and to this date. Also, for a period of nearly three years, AEB operated a commercial scale pilot plant, with a maximum capacity of 50 tons per hour, to develop the necessary process steps, to recover ferrous, non-ferrous, as well as precious metals from the bottom ash. In this recycling process, heavy metals and other toxicants are removed from the ash, rendering it suitable as a raw material for use in building materials, leaving less than 5% material to be landfilled. The operating results of both experiences are presented in this paper.

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