In a large-scale pilot plant, studies on wet-mechanical treatment of bottom ash using the SYNCOM-Plus process were carried out by MARTIN GmbH in the SYNCOM waste-to-energy plant in Arnoldstein, Austria (approx. 11000 kg/h waste throughput). Granulate of > 2 mm and fine fraction of < 5 mm were produced by dry screening, washing and wet screening. Additionally, sludge was separated from the wash water. The fine fraction and sludge as well as the boiler ash were recirculated into the furnace. In conclusion, the SYNCOM-Plus process meets all requirements which need to be complied with in an optimized and effluent-free commercial residue treatment process for the recovery of industrial products. This paper documents successful continuous operation of the SYNCOM-Plus process in direct connection with bottom ash discharge as well as the effects on combustion, flue gas composition and residue qualities.

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