This paper focuses on recent advancements in the areas of imaging technology and flue gas temperature measurement which are providing new insights for plant engineers into combustion conditions and operation in Energy-from-Waste (EfW) facilities. The paper describes how Covanta Energy, an operator of over 30 EfW facilities and Enertechnix, a manufacturer of advanced combustion products and services, are developing new technologies in these following areas: Infra-red (IR) imaging using a mobile camera to provide active viewing of the boiler and combustion conditions; Digital recording of images of slagging, waste stream movement, and refractory inspection; Online inspection in back pass convection areas with a video camera that extends up to 20 feet into boiler. Furnace Exit Gas Temperature (FEGT) measurement integrating proven acoustic pyrometer technology to replace inherently inaccurate contact temperature methods such as thermocouples. The paper examines how each of these technologies is being introduced into EfW facilities operated by Covanta Energy. Actual results are used to evaluate the potential these new methods have for improving combustion, reducing maintenance costs and providing plant operators with useful tools for operating EfW facilities. Video images of the furnace and convection sections will be provided and discussed. FEGT data from comparative technologies is presented. The data is interpreted in order to compare the accuracy of the acoustic pyrometer measurement against other methods. Potential and determined benefits are presented and outlined. The paper attempts to provide a framework to help facilities understand the importance and impact of accurate FEGT measurement in the combustion process.

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