These are critical times for customers, operators, and owners of waste-to-energy technologies in the US. Many of the existing long term contracts entered into during the early to mid 80’s are at or nearing their end. Communities are facing the need to decide what to do with that portion of their waste stream remaining after they reduce, reuse, and recycle. This presentation addresses the status of several waste-to-energy facilities (e.g. North East Solid Waste Committee (NESWC), Bridgeport, Pinellas, Hempstead) projects that have reached, or are nearing, the end of their initial terms, comparing and contrasting the issues between publicly and privately owned facilities. The presentation draws on the authors’ direct involvement in these projects — in some cases from the project’s inception to the present. Drawing on their collective seventy+ years of experience in the solid waste industry representing public sector clients, Dr. Cohen, Ms. Raila and Mr. Worster will present an overview of the factors affecting existing contracts reaching end of term, key elements to be considered by participants in identifying what their options are, typical terms and conditions and key ingredients of and how to put in place an effective action plan.

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