The City of Tampa’s solution to solving their waste disposal problems started almost 30 years ago. A conventional refractory lined incinerator equipped with a wet quench scrubber was constructed and operated by the City, starting in 1965. The old incinerator would often belch black soot and smoke and in 1979 was shutdown for environmental concerns. The City selected Waste Management Energy Systems, then a subsidiary of Waste Management Inc., to design, build, and operate for 20 years, a tried and proven waste combustor linked with a heat recovery boiler, electrostatic precipitator, and a turbine generator. This system was placed into operation in 1985 and the last two units were operated until July 2000 when compliance with the Clean Air Act required their retrofit. In 1996, the City assembled a Project Team consisting of consultants that specialized in various aspects of solid waste disposal including: permitting, design, operations, and construction oversight. After several years of design, procurement, and negotiations, Wheelabrator was selected as the successful vendor to design, construct, and operate the retrofitted facility. Construction began in April 1999 and went into commercial operation in January 2002.

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