Regional Waste Systems (RWS) evaluated protocols and methods for operation of a continuous emission rate monitoring system (CERMS) for its municipal waste combustor (MWC) located in Portland, Maine. This continuous measurement of mass emissions (lb/hr) would be in addition to the existing continuous monitoring of the concentration (ppm) of NOx, SO2, and CO emissions using a continuous emissions monitoring system (CEMS) as required of RWS and all other MWC facilities under federal and state rules. The study of CERMS protocols and methods identified the individual components required for a CERMS, evaluated existing methods of measuring MWC unit load and of ensuring “good combustion”, identified and evaluated the existing continuous monitoring regulatory requirements for MWCs and other major sources, evaluated the state of the practice for the use of CERMS, evaluated CERMS data quality, and identified and evaluated existing protocols for CERMS. Finally, a protocol was developed for trial operation of the CERMS considering the above evaluations.

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