It is thought that a minus hydrogen ion is useful to the apotosis of a mitochondria and prevention of a necrosis, or prevention of the illness resulting from the oxygen radical in a human body. So, in this research, examination about the possibility and its practical use method of production of the hydrogen ion by which it was minus electrified was performed. First, the lipid bilayer as a medicine transporter of DDS (Drug Delivery System) was produced using the supercritical fluid. Next, experimental examination was performed for the purpose of enclosing the substance for hydrogen ion generating, and the substance for electronic accumulation with the inside of a lipid bilayer. Furthermore, fundamental examination was performed in order to use the enclosed minus hydrogen ion. In order to check what the electron of oxygen ion was taken into the hydrogen ion, and the minus hydrogen ion generated, electrical conductivity measurement was performed. By mixing and heating, 12CaO · 7Al2O3 and metal calcium, the electron was accumulated in the inside of the reaction object of 12CaO7Al2O3. The check of accumulation of the electron (anion) inside a reaction object was judged by measurement of the electrical conductivity before and behind processing. That is, when the electron was accumulated, I thought that the electrical conductivity of a reaction object increased. Moreover, this reaction object was used as an electronic transporter. In the range of the temperature set up in the liposome production experiment, and pressure, it could not say that the influence temperature and pressure affect the determination of the particle diameter of a liposome was large, but average particle diameter was about 10 micrometers. The following conclusions were obtained as a result of conducting a fundamental experiment for the purpose of production of a medicine which made the minus hydrogen ion include inside a lipid bilayer (liposome), and a confirmation of the validity as DDS in the living body. (1) The liposome suitable for DDS was able to be obtained. (2) By using metal magnesium and metal calcium, the minus hydrogen ion was able to be accumulated in the reaction inside of the body of alumina cement.

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