Nanoelectromechanical systems (NEMS) are interesting for both probing nanoscale physical fundamentals and exploring new technological applications [1]. In particular, nanomechanical resonators possess superb attributes including surprisingly-high operating frequency, ultra-small mass, high quality factor (Q), and thus are promising candidates for components in novel signal processing systems and ultra-sensitive sensors [1,2]. NEMS resonators with fundamental resonant frequencies exceeding 1GHz have been realized [3] and unprecedented mass sensitivity has also been demonstrated with VHF high-Q NEMS resonant mass sensors [2,4]. Among many engineering challenges to boost NEMS to more practical applications, it is of great importance to develop the generic protocol of integrating NEMS resonators with feedback and control systems. This work presents the first implementation of the integration of a UHF NEMS resonator with a low-noise phase locked loop (PLL).

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