ASME has a project to meet industry needs for pressure vessel Code updates to address storage of high pressure hydrogen. This has resulted in updates to existing B&PV Code, new Code Cases, and new Code requirements. One of the tasks was to develop requirements for high pressure composite reinforced vessels with non-load sharing liners. Originally developed as a Code Case, the requirements have been approved as mandatory Appendix 8 of ASME Section X of the B&PV Code, to be published in July 2010. The allowed pressures of this new Code are from 0.7 MPa (3,000 psi) to 103.4 MPa (15,000 psi). Qualification testing addresses expected operating conditions. Inspection requirements are being developed in cooperation with NBIC. Pressure vessels are being developed that meet the new ASME requirements. Efforts will be made to include additional gases, including compressed natural gas, and additional operational requirements in future revisions.

Paper published with permission.

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