By integrating the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, 5G, and other new-generation electronic information technologies, the fourth industrial Revolution represented by intelligent manufacturing and industrial internet is promoted, which is the era of comprehensive intelligent industry 4.0. As a key technology of the industrial Internet, the Internet of Things (IoT) connects intelligent manufacturing complex systems and machines with built-in sensors to the network for real-time data collection, transmission, processing, and feedback, to optimize device management and production efficiency. With the increasing number and variety of IoT devices, improving the scalability and maintainability of IoT systems is a challenging demand and requires continuous efforts. This paper proposes an architecture of IoT platform based on Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE). In this architecture, a modeling method based on Integrated Modeling language and a model-driven method for cloud-edge collaboration platform is further proposed. The standardization, readability, and reusability of the model are used to drive the device expansion and management. The characteristics of interaction behaviours between cloud and edges are extracted, and models of Holonomic System are built by an integrated modeling language, called X language. Block Definition Diagram (BDD) of X language is used to build the static models of IoT devices and drive the platform to manage the devices. State Machine Diagram (SMD) of X language is used to build the dynamic models of process between the edges and cloud, and drive the processes of the platform. Through experiments and analysis, the feasibility and effectiveness of the X-Language-driven IoT platform are verified.

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