Carbon nanotubes (CNTs) are deposited between prepreg plies of a carbon fiber reinforced (CFR) laminate during lamination to improve laminate strength. An easy manufacturing procedure has been implemented for this aim in laboratory. CNTs are diluted in a solvent, and subsequently sprayed on commercial woven fabric prepregs for aeronautics. Solvent evacuation is carried out at room temperature. Final composite laminates are produced by vacuum bagging and autoclave molding of coated prepreg plies, by following the typical industrial procedure of aeronautic parts. Quasi-isotropic square laminates with 10 plies have been manufactured by using a unidirectional (UD) CFR prepreg tape with 0/90 stacking sequence. After molding, the square laminates (150 × 150 mm2) were cut to extract rectangular specimens. Mechanical tests were made by bending up to break. Results confirm the positive role of the interlaminar CNTs if they are correctly integrated into the final composite structure.

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