In manufacturing industries, spherical micro-particles are commonly used as (e.g., brazing powder, metal filler, and 3D printing powder) which are produced with droplet-based particle fabrication techniques. Such processes create spherical morphology but introduce polydispersity and follow a continuous exponential pattern commonly expressed with Rosin-Rammler expression. Sorting those micro-particles in a narrower size range is an important but difficult, costly, and challenging process. Here we demonstrate the successful separation of the particles from a poly-disperse mixture with a particle volume fraction of 10% by dipping process. Nickel-based micro-particles (avg. dia. 5.69 μm) are added in a binder-based liquid carrier system. To encounter the gravitational force, external kinetic energy in the form of agitation is applied to ensure the uniform dispersion of the particles. The cylindrical substrate is prepared and dipped in the ‘pseudo suspension’ to separate the particles by adhering to it. The substrate is dried, and images are taken to characterize the separated particles using image J software. A clear size distribution can be observed which is also plotted. Additionally, a relationship between the process parameter and sorted particles has been established. The proposed method is quick, controllable, and easy to implement, which can be a useful tool for sorting wide-range poly-disperse particles.

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