In recent years, more and more attention has been paid to Human-Robot Collaborative Disassembly (HRCD) in the field of industrial remanufacturing. Compared with the traditional manufacturing, HRCD helps to improve the manufacturing flexibility with considering the manufacturing efficiency. In HRCD, knowledge could be obtained from the disassembly process and then provides useful information for the operator and robots to execute their disassembly tasks. Afterwards, a crucial point is to establish a knowledge-based system to facilitate the interaction between human operators and industrial robots. In this context, a knowledge recommendation system based on knowledge graph is proposed to effectively support Human-Robot Collaboration (HRC) in disassembly. A disassembly knowledge graph is constructed to organize and manage the knowledge in the process of HRCD. After that, based on this, a knowledge recommendation procedure is proposed to recommend disassembly knowledge for the operator. Finally, the case study demonstrates that the developed system can effectively acquire, manage and visualize the related knowledge of HRCD, and then assist the human operator to complete the disassembly task by knowledge recommendation, thus improving the efficiency of collaborative disassembly. This system could be used in the human-robot collaboration disassembly process for the operators to provide convenient knowledge recommendation service.

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