In three-dimensional cell culture, key parameters such as cell concentration and material concentration may affect cell survival rate, proliferation and differentiation ability and other functional expression, which has very important practical significance, It has great research value in analytical chemistry, microarray, drug screening, tissue culture and so on. In this paper, the principle of active mixing is introduced for dynamic mixers. The moving parts are biocompatible mixers. Different components of alginate gel are mixed quickly in the mixing chamber, and finally the homogenized material is extruded through the replacement needle installed at the outlet of the mixing chamber. The feeding system is a push rod injection pump, and the linear motion of the injection pump is transformed into the liquid flow rate of the gel solution through a single chip microcomputer, and the flow feed is precisely controlled. In addition, by changing the flow rate ratio of the two components solution and the rapid mixing of the micro mixer, the real-time concentration change of the mixed material at the outlet can be realized, that is, gradient printing. In this paper, the printing method of gel microspheres is characterized by the distribution of the components in the Gel Microspheres according to any proportion, and because of the micro mixing process of micromixers, the demand for biological reagents and materials such as cells, proteins, cytokines and other materials is greatly reduced, which reduces the experimental cost and improves the feasibility of practical use.

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