In this study, Co-Cr-Mo samples that were fabricated via directed energy deposition (DED) at various laser powers and powder feed rates were characterized to ascertain their microstructure and mechanical properties. Co-Cr-Mo is a common alloy for total hip and knee replacements, dental, and support structures due to its biocompatibility, hardness and abrasion resistance, making them a preferred alloy for metal-on-metal (MOM) contact. This study was undertaken to understand the pertinent process parameters that would generate structurally viable bulk structures. High-resolution microscopy and spectroscopy revealed the presence of networked and jagged carbides with varying amounts of Mo. Further, XRD confirmed the presence of the γ and ε phases. Micro- and nano-scale characterization of the alloy fabricated at different process conditions showed material properties in line with those made via traditional processing approaches such as casting. Altogether, this investigation provided an understanding of the effect of additive manufacturing process parameters on the microstructure and properties of Co-Cr-Mo.

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