The Honeycomb structure is one of the most common natural structures used in sandwich panel cores. The Enamel structure’s mechanical properties were compared to the Honeycomb structure’s mechanical properties to investigate if the Enamel structure can improve the compressive strength, stiffness and energy absorption capabilities of sandwich panel cores and potentially replace the common Honeycomb structure. Also, the optimal cellular configurations for the Honeycomb and Enamel structures were explored. Indeed, it was found the Enamel structure can potentially replace the Honeycomb structure and a wall thickness of 1.2 mm and a wall length/cell radius of 8.14 mm will maximize the natural structures mechanical properties.

Furthermore, it was found that both the natural structures have good compressive strength. Therefore, the natural structures with their optimal cellular configurations were integrated into a novel automobile floor mat to ensure the mat possesses good compressive strength to resist failure or permanent deformation. Moreover, the novel automobile floor mat has a design feature that offers an efficient debris capturing and removal system that adds value to the automobile floor mat.

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