In this research, the micro-milling process using nano-solid dry lubrication is studied for machining multidirectional carbon fiber reinforced plastic (MD-CFRP). For the nano-solid dry lubrication, two kinds of graphene nanoplatelets and multiwall carbon nanotubes are used as nanoparticles. The workpiece is an MD-CFRP composite in which 10 plies of prepreg are laminated and it consists of four carbon fiber orientations — 0°, 45°, 90°, 135°. After a series of micro-milling experiments, the workpiece surface quality and tool wear are investigated. Overall, it is found that the nano-solid dry lubrication can improve the surface quality and reduce the tool wear. In particular, larger graphene nanoplatelets (xGnP H-5) are more advantageous than smaller graphene nanoplatelets (xGnP C-750). In addition, multiwall carbon nanotubes having a tube-shape structure are less effective than graphene nanoplatelets having a two-dimensional thin sheet shape for enhancing the micro-milling performances, which may be due to better lubrication effect with the graphene nanoplatelets’ sliding phenomenon at the cutting region.

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