Increasingly, a wide range of in-situ sensors are being instrumented on additive manufacturing (AM) machines. These sensors collect a variety of data that is used to monitor process performance and part quality. The amount, type, and speed of the collected data are unprecedented. Consequently, several data-related, standards issues are impeding the use of both data analytics and tool integration. Those issues include registration, curation, organization, storage, and management. This paper focuses on registration. It proposes the use of meta-data as a foundation for new interface and exchange standards. Standards that will facilitate the use of several types of in-situ sensors that monitor laser powder bed fusion (L-PBF) processes. The paper also includes an example data model that captures the properties and relationships among those meta-data. The data elements in that model provide industrial users with the capabilities and formats to capture, exchange, and share L-PBF process data.

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