A novel fused deposition modeling (FDM) based fabrication technique for Woven carbon fiber (WCF) reinforced PLA matrix laminated composite was proposed. The composite was fabricated by placing a layer of carbon fiber (CF) after every 5th layer of PLA matrix such that there was a total of 3 layers of CF in every tensile specimen fabricated. The parameter such as extrusion temperature, feed rate, and bed temperature was initially optimized by the Taguchi L9 optimization technique to get high-density low surface roughness specimens. Mechanical properties such as tensile strength and flexural strength of the specimen were measured in Hounsfield tensile testing machine. The composite has the yield and ultimate tensile strength of 43.378 MPa and 70.84 MPa which is 114.01% and 172.94% higher than the unreinforced specimen. The Flexural strength of the composite was found to be 117.88 MPa which is 17.91 % higher than the unreinforced 3D printed specimen. The proposed technique has offered a potential strategy to fabricate low-cost products with variable design for versatile applications such as aerospace and automobile industries.

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