We report a novel laser-based surface processing process, laser shock surface patterning (LSSP) integrating both surface strengthening and patterning effects might lead to broader impacts in tribology research and applications. This process utilizes the laser-induced shockwave loadings to introduce the surface strengthening and patterning effects simultaneously, leading to the fabrication of arrays of micro-indentations or protrusions for the enhanced wear resistance and manipulated friction values. Two process designs, direct-LSSP and indirect-LSSP were proposed and carried out on AZ31B Mg alloys and AISI 1045 steels, respectively. The 3D surface profiles of the samples after LSSP were characterized. The hardness of surface patterns prepared by laser processing was measured. The friction values as affected by laser processing parameters were measured by sliding tests. The relationships among laser processing parameters, micro-feature characteristics, and COF were discussed.

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