In this study, an organic coating, in combination of a micro-arc oxidation ceramic layer, was prepared on the surface of a magnesium alloy (AZ31) to achieve both functions of corrosion resistance and electrical conductivity. By using carbon black as conductive particles and epoxy resin as matrix, organic coatings of various weight fractions were applied on the AZ31 surface treated by micro-arc oxidation through adjusting the contents of the conductive particles and non-conductive matrix. Electrical conductivity and corrosion resistance of organic coatings were measured. The results show that the organic coatings can improve the electrical conductivity of the AZ31 material treated by micro-arc oxidation, and the conductivity changes with the ratio between the carbon black particles and non-conductive matrix. The smallest resistance value of the organic coatings reached 130Ω. Also, the organic coating can further improve the corrosion resistance of the AZ31 material. The electrochemical corrosion tests show that the corrosion potential of the AZ31 material with composite coatings was at least 0.6V higher than that of AZ31 only with micro-arc oxidation treatment.

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