The present invention relates to characterization and the sequence of operations in photo chemical machining as a means to fabricate positive deterministic micro-textures on mild steel thrust pad surfaces. Fabrication of surface micro-texture by current technique is conceived in two-stages: where photographic emulsion process is used to pattern the microstructure, and chemical etching method is employed to fabricate the textures on mild steel surface by dissolving exposed metal surface. The texture fabricated by present invention is having slightly rough etched bottom surface with sharp edge and least amount of burrs around the texture rim and the process is also cost effective. Several aspects regarding sequence of operations in manufacturing process and the characterization of fabricated textured surfaces are discussed. The physical significance of micro-asperities on hydrodynamic lubrication is presented experimentally under constant flow system. The variation of hydrodynamic performance parameters such as frictional torque, fluid film thickness and recess pressure with different operating conditions such as varying speed and supply pressure are outlined.

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