Industrial robots can be mechanical intelligent agents by integrating programs, intelligent algorithms and facilitating intelligent manufacturing models from cyber world into physical entities. After introducing the concept of cloud, their storage, computing, knowledge sharing and evolution capabilities are further strengthened. Digital twin is an effective means to achieve the fusion of physics and information. Therefore, it is feasible to introduce the digital twin to the industrial cloud robotics (ICR), in order to facilitate the control optimization of robots’ running state. The traditional manufacturing task-oriented service composition is limited to execution in the cloud, and it is separated from the underlying robot equipment control, which greatly reduces the real-time performance and accuracy of the underlying service response, such as Robotic Control as a Cloud Service (RCaaCS). Therefore, this paper proposes a digital twin-based control approach for ICR. At the manufacturing cell level, robots’ control instruction service modeling is conducted, and then the control service in the digital world is mapped to the robot action control in the physical world through the concept of digital twin. The accumulated operational data in the physical world can be fed back to the digital world as a reference for simulation and control strategy adjustment, finally achieving the integration of cloud services and robot control. A case study based on workpiece disassembly is presented to verify the availability and effectiveness of the proposed control approach.

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