The postprocessor is essential for machining with five-axis machine tools. This paper develops one universal postprocessor for table-tilting type of five-axis machine tools without rotational tool center point (RTCP) function. Firstly, positions of two rotary axes and the workpiece in the machine coordinate system (MCS) are introduced into the kinematic chain of the five-axis machine tools. The uniform product of exponential (POE) formula of the tool relative to the workpiece is established to obtain the universal forward kinematics. On this basis, the postprocessor of table-tilting type of five-axis machine tools is developed. The calculation of rotation angles of rotation axes is proposed in details, including the calculation of double solutions, the determination of rotation angles of C-axis and the selection principle of the shortest path of rotation angles. Movements of linear axes are calculated with rotation angles of rotary axes. The generated movements of all axes are actual positions of all axes relative to their zero positions, which can be used for machining directly. The postprocessor does not rely on RTCP function with positions of rotary axes and the workpiece in MCS. Finally, cutting test in VERICUT and real cutting experiments on SmartCNC500_DRTD five-axis machine tool are carried out to verify the effectiveness of the proposed postprocessor.

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