Recently, surface nano/micro morphologies have been applied on cutting tools for multiple purposes, such as cutting force reduction and life-span prolonging. In this study, the micro-grooves texture (MGT) and volcano-like texture (VLT) were patterned on cemented carbide (WC-Co, YG6) cutting inserts’ rake faces by YAG and fiber laser systems. The effects of laser pulse width and energy on texture dimensions were investigated, followed by the micro hardness, EDX and metallographic analyses providing detailed information for VLT’s properties and forming process. The subsequent cutting experiment tested the flat, MGT and VLT tools in turning aluminum alloy 6061 with considering the following factors: textured scale and density, coolant, cutting speed and machining type (rough or finish). VLT tools showed lower cutting forces in rough cutting, and poor compatibility to cutting coolant; MGT improves the efficiency of coolant usage. This study not only introduced VLT to cutting tools, but also revealed its comprehensive performances.

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