Two innovative processes for the in-situ hybridization of fiber metal laminate (FML) components in one process step are presented. In the first process, the wet compression molding is combined with deep drawing. In the second process, deep drawing is combined with resin transfer molding (RTM). One of the benefits of these processes is a better forming behavior of the FML due to the use of a low viscous monomer mixture which polymerizes directly between the metal blanks. A detailed overview on the manufacturing of such components is given. After showing the process feasibilities, the 3-dimensional components are analyzed regarding their geometry and their forming behavior. The results are used to set a process window and to set a recommended guidance for the process. With the help of the in-situ hybridization, 3-dimensional parts could be produced successfully without using pre-consolidated wrought material, so that a high flexibility of the materials’ choice can be obtained.

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