Selective Laser Melting (SLM) has been a major subject of study in the field of powder bed additive manufacturing (AM) process. It is desired to know the melt pool size and the associated thermal gradient during the powder melting process. However, there are challenges associated with accurately measuring the melt pool size as a whole by experiment alone. Therefore, the combination of experimental and numerical study may help analyze the melt pool shape in a better way. In this study, a 3D powder scale model using volume of fluid (VOF) approach has been developed using ANSYS FLUENT. A temperature dependent material property is defined and then volumetric heat source is applied to melt the powder particles. The single track results obtained from the simulation are compared with the experiment and the results show that single track width predicted by the simulation is in good agreement with the experimental counterpart. The predicted track width is within 10% error.

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