The mask image projection based stereolithography (MIP-SL) is a low cost and high-resolution additive manufacturing (AM) process. However, the slow speed of part separation and resin refilling is the primary bottleneck that limits the fabrication speed of the MIP-SL process. In addition, the stair steeping effect due to the layer-based fabrication process limits the surface quality of built parts. To address the critical issues in the MIP-SL process related to resin refilling and layer-based fabrication, we present a mask video projection based stereolithography (MVP-SL) process with continuous resin flow and light exposure. The newly developed AM process enables the continuous fabrication of three-dimensional (3D) objects with ultra-high fabrication speed. In the paper. The system design to achieve mask video projection and the process settings to achieve ultrafast fabrication speed are presented. The relationship between process parameters and the surface quality of the fabricated parts is discussed. Test results illustrate the MVP-SL process with continuous resin flow can build three-dimensional objects within minutes and the surface quality of the fabricated objects can be significantly improved.

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