Life cycle assessment software packages such as SimaPro, GaBi, and Umberto have become well-established tools for conducting environmental impact analysis. However, applications for broader sustainability assessment are limited. Recent research has developed an information modeling framework to compose models of unit manufacturing processes for sustainability assessment and has led to the definition of unit manufacturing process information modeling concepts. An engineer can use the framework to conduct manufacturing system-level sustainability assessments by composing models of unit manufacturing processes. Assessment results can aid engineers in selecting the superior manufacturing process flow for a given product. To demonstrate usefulness of the information framework, a prototype desktop application has been developed. The application was implemented in Windows Project Foundation (WPF) using C# as the coding language to create a graphical user interface. Mathworks MATLAB serves as the calculation engine. Unit manufacturing process models follow the framework and are read by the application, which produces a sustainability assessment for the manufacturing process flow. A manufacturing process flow for an automobile-like metal product acts is used to demonstrate the software application.

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