This paper presents design of a novel boring bar with a ratio of cylinder length to diameter (L/D) of 10 to suppress chatter vibration regardless of low stiffness. It is essentially difficult to decrease the compliance of the long slender structures. However, nominal compliance of the displacement along the depth of cut direction against the resultant cutting force may be regulated by giving the designated anisotropy upon the boring bar dynamics. The past research has clarified the feasibility through turning experiments by using the developed boring bar with L/D of 4. In the present study, much slenderer ones with L/D of 10 are designed, which are significantly flexible but attractive to manufacturers. Finite element analysis (FEA) is utilized to estimate dynamics of the anisotropic boring bar. Through analytical investigations, two kinds of boring bars were designed, where the compliance ratio of 1.53 or 1.88 was accomplished. Influence of several conditions on the chatter stability was investigated. Analytical investigations revealed that the chatter stability is significantly improved at a designated depth of cut by utilizing the proposed designs regardless of feed rate. In particular, the compliance ratio of 1.55 showed wider stable zone to attain chatter free boring, while chatter avoidance is impossible by use of the conventional isotropic boring bar under the same conditions.

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